What We Grow


Cultivated in Japan, China and Korea for centuries. These wonderful, nutritious fruits came to California with Asian immigrants during the gold rush. The texture is crisp and juicy and the flavors are unbelievably rich and varied. Please note: beginning in 2016 our Asian pears will not be organic, for more information on please see our Farm Blog.


  • Hosui - Abundant water is the Japanese name for this golden honey-flavored fruit.
  • Shinseki - Yellow colored, flavorful, crisp with a touch of citrus flavor.
  • Chojuro - Named for the man who first hybridized Asian Pears, deep orange in color, a sweet brandy/butterscotch flavor.
  • Niitaka - Tan, crisp and juicy fruit with an almond like flavor.
  • 20th Century - Big yellow/green fruits with abundant melon-flavored juice.
  • Olympic - A farm favorite, orange in color, a deliciously sweet and crisp treat.
  • Shinko - Prized in Japan for their flavor and texture, golden brown sweetness.
  • 20th Century - A sweet citrus flavored favorite, yellow/green when ripe.
  • Ya Li - The femme fatale of Asian pears has the shape of a European pear, lightly flavored, crisp, juicy and aromatic. 


  • Gilbert Golden Delicious - An heirloom variety of golden delicious, one of the sweetest apples you’ll ever taste.
  • McIntosh - An East Coast favorite, lush red apple with a wonderful sweet and sour flavor.
  • Fuji - An all time favorite apple, with a rich, sweet flavor and crisp texture.
  • Rome Beauty - Gorgeous full-bodied red, tasty fresh or cooked.


One of the most underrated fruits on the planet. Fuyus are a tasty and nutritious late fall treat. Full orange in color, you can eat them hard or soft.

20th Century